Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March 15b

Sunday afternoon:  After our LIVE Stream church service and our lunch, I "suggested" to Emma that we take a little drive out to the BIG LAKE ... so, of course, we DID. I'll just basically run the pictures without much narration--except to say that this verse in II Thess. 3.16 (NLT) has meant a lot to me for many years--especially now in this COVID-19 world ... no matter what happens, the Lord of peace HIMSELF will give us HIS PEACE.
 We actually drove, or attempted to drive, to Pere Marquette Beach; however, my usual "way in" encountered a ROAD CLOSED problem. So we parked the car and walked over the crest of the hill to one of my favorite views of Lake Michigan.
 Sunday afternoon was a gorgeous, PERFECT weather day ... if you discount the fact that it was 41 degrees and a bit windy ... but what the hay! Look at that sparkle on that deliciously BLUE water!
 We did a little bit of walking southwards on the beach itself, eroded as it is ...
 The beauty here is breathtaking to me ... it never ever even one time gets old for me. It is music to my soul. It refreshes me down to my toes. It revives my heart and draws me near to God.
 Looking north to the breakwater light and the pierhead light ... very tiny in the distance ... can you see the lights?
 I snapped a couple (!!) pictures of dear Emma ... very candid ... I love each of them (and her) so much.

 Can you even believe how gorgeous it is here? How did God ever think up this kind of beauty? How did He know it would bring such deep joy?

 This is actually the view that is seen as you round the bend and head on down to the Lake. The lake has eroded SO much that on high wave days, the water crashes over the road--so they have closed it.
 I asked a random local person how people were supposed to get close to the lighthouses when the road was closed? They gave me directions to an alternate road. Emma was skeptical that I would find it (as was I), but when lighthouses are involved, I'm kind of a die-hard.
 And look! We made it! YAY! I know that this is not THE most beautiful lighthouse in Michigan ... but it is beautiful to me. I love this little pier and the summer life that goes on all around here. I have about 1 thousand pictures of this light at every possible angle ...

 See what I mean about the lake level? These are the DOCKS where the NOAA boats are stationed all spring through fall. It's going to be a little bit of a sloshy walk to get on the boats this year!
 After we walked around the lighthouse a little bit, we drove south of Pere Marquette to Norman F Kruse Park. I love this place. There are the neatest boardwalks that take you up to the TOP of the dunes. I love the view from up here.

 Emma, naturally, was about 30 steps ahead of me at all times ...

 And look! You can see the lighthouses from here! Emma was NOT impressed with seeing the lighthouses from this far away ...

 Isn't this such a great place?!?!?

 Emma! I'm so glad we did this today!

Thank you, Lord, for safe travels to and from the Lake today--and for the gift of Emma being with me.

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