Friday, March 6, 2020

March 5

Thursday:  I was feeling "good enough" to pick Kaity up from school this afternoon. I'm exhausted from this cold/flu that landed on me awhile ago! I hadn't seen Kaity in almost two weeks and was so happy I had enough energy to visit with her a few hours this afternoon. Kaity brought Baby Lily over to see Paco (!!). When I asked Kaity what she wanted to do, she wasn't sure. So I suggested that we play BEAN BAG basketball. I have a hoop (not pictured) over my front door and appropriate smaller basketballs that go with it--but the balls are too bouncy and it makes it frustrating to try and actually make a basket.
 We set up our audience on the coffee table and got out the bean bags. We played a very rousing 60-minute game with Kaity keeping score of our baskets. Kaity is happiest when she is using her body--she's an extremely physical kiddo--but then she is very athletic! Anyway, we had a lot of fun.
 Matey was very glad to have someone to play with, other than sick old me--so he and Kaity hung out for awhile.

 While I was fixing dinner, I handed off my camera to Kaity and asked her to get some unusual pictures of our little feathered friend ... I think she did very well. All of the rest of the pictures are ones Kaity took!
 This is one of Matey's NEW favorite places--my bathroom mirror. He spends a lot of time chatting to his mirror friend in here.
 Here is Kaity giving him a friendly little poke in his soft feathered belly ...

 I think Kaity did very well with her photography today!

 She even snuck in a few "selfies" which cracked me up.

 Good job, Kaity!

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