Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March 31 AM

Tuesday morning:  My friend, Robin, called me this morning and we agreed to meet out at Townsend Park to take a walk, keeping our six feet social distance strictly!
 I love being outside near the woods and creeks, don't you?
 This little stretch of Bear Creek is actually BEFORE you enter the actual park (Cannonsburg Park).
 I didn't really think I would take many pictures--it is my least favorite time of year when there isn't much color, and since there was ZERO sun today, there would be NO alluring shadows ... but I DID take 72 pictures anyway!
 If I didn't know better, I would assume these pics were taken in the late fall ...

 Isn't this stone pavillion enchanting?

 It looks like it wants company!

 Robin and I decided we would host a gathering here this summer! It has everything you would need! Tables, shelter, grills!
 Aren't the stones so beautiful?

 This location with the bridges is one of my very favorite, no matter what time of year ...

 It's impossible to take a "bad" picture here ...

 This is Robin and her impish dog, Phinn!
 Look how high the water is! It's SO lovely ...

 And look at this PERFECT climbing tree! Robin wanted to climb up to the top but I bet this tree was 80' tall (which does not at all show in this picture).

 We took this boardwalk over a bog that I didn't even realize was there!
 I LOVE boardwalks!
 And look! SKUNK Cabbage! And look! GREEN!

 And don't you absolutely love this bench?

 We walked for over two hours! The app on my camera said we only walked 2.6 miles. I think it was lying!
Little Phinn getting a drink of water after his long walk!

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