Saturday, June 13, 2020

June 12 at the park

Friday Afternoon:  Grand Rapids Township Park! Yay! FINALLY, playgrounds are open for children to play! After we had played for awhile at my house, we drove over to this playground off the E. Beltline (right across from Knapp Meijers) and had the best time!
 The three of them went in three separate directions, but I figured as long as I could SEE all three of them, it would be OK. It's a rather large playground area with sections for tiny kids and other equipment for older children. It's super nice. Look how pleased Little Miss Ireland is!
 I could eat her alive in this darling yellow dress ...

 Brendan has ALWAYS been able to manipulate this digger. He is SO mechanical and he is also quite strong. I can't make it do a single thing!

 Aidan Paul, Mr. Cautious, played very well too! He doesn't take ANY chances, though ... only tiny slides for this little person ... no heights either!

  Aidan will NOT even get ON a swing. But Erin LOVES them and wanted to go higher and higher ...
 It doesn't LOOK like she is happy in this picture (below), but she was actually laughing.
 I love these pictures so much ...

 Beautiful children. Beautiful Day. So glad to be their grandma.

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