Monday, June 22, 2020

June 17 at Robin's

Wednesday Evening:  I was invited out to share a meal with Robin Wednesday evening. I was pleased to accept! Robin grilled very delicious beef dogs and cooked up a batch of very yummy mac 'n cheese. I brought some sliced watermelon and banana bread. We ate out on her deck overlooking Morrisson Lake. Can't beat that!
 We took a relaxing boat ride around the entire lake ... it's just so beautiful here.
 This little shack is about ALL I could ever afford to purchase on Morrison Lake ... and I wouldn't live there if my life depended on it! Can you just imagine how HUGE the spiders are in that place? Ugh!
 I'm not sure just what kind of bird this is ... we were hoping it was an eagle; but Robin tells me that the undersides of eages are NOT white. 
 We ran across our swan family again tonight, but this time there are only SIX cygnets. One is missing and presumed dead.

 Aren't they perfectly beautiful creatures?

 And here is a LOON!

 I'm so thankful Robin is doing so well. We have been praying much for each other, asking that God would be our all and all, and that He would meet the deep needs of our hearts and lives.
It is wonderful to see our Father answering the prayers of His children.

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