Tuesday, June 9, 2020

June 8 Morrison Lake

Monday Evening:  Robin invited me out to her cottage to share a meal. I brought a tossed salad, and she grilled grooper ... which was amazing! Here are some pictures of her cottage on Morrison Lake.

 Morrison Lake is SO beautiful. It's not a tiny little lake! You can take a really nice boat ride around the perimeter and look at all the cute cottages and beautiful homes ...
 This year there is a family of swans again ... mom, dad, and SEVEN cygnets! So, of course, I took many pictures of them.

 We also saw geese ...

 And we did see ONE eagle ... there is an eagle's nest with young eagles nearby where this eagle is perched ... different clump of trees, however; plus, since the leaves have filled in so nice and thick, we were unable to actually SEE the nest.

 I love this tiny island right smack in the middle of the lake ...

 Robin says you can catch some pretty nice perch in these lily pads ... if you can keep your line from being tangled, that is.

 We had a relaxing and peaceful trip around the lake. What a wonderful and beautiful place to live.
Thank you, Robin!

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