Sunday, June 7, 2020

June 7 Pere Marquette

Sunday: Emma spent the night last night. We had a relaxing evening together. We watched the 2019 version of Aladin, with Emma commenting quite often about how it fell short of the animated version ... but I'm pretty sure she enjoyed most of it. We both slept well and worshiped together with the LiveStream from Calvary. Pastor Tom taught about being "Peaceable" and did an amazing job.

We ate lunch, had our Bible study--today we kind of finished up the "kings" because now Jerusalem has fallen and most of the people have been taken to Babylon. We centered our study today on Jeremiah the prophet--what a faithful man he was! We had such a nice time sharing his story today.

 And THEN, since it was such a beautiful day, we drove to Muskegon and took an almost 3-mile beach walk at Pere Marquette Beach. I took quite a few pictures--not as many as I usually take! 

 Lake Michigan is SO HIGH! Never ever have I seen the water this far up on the rocks out here.

 This poor lighthouse is in need of a paint job! 
 I loved being out here today. I love being with Emma at a place like this. I love to see her smile and the joy in her heart.
 It's almost impossible for me to describe what happens to me around the big lakes ... it just seems that every fibre of tension disappears ... nothing is troublesome ... nothing is sad ... all is peaceful and entirely happy.

 Emma! You IMP! I didn't notice her sticking out her tongue at me until I cropped this picture (below) and got a close-up of her face ...
 There is always an abundance of seagull out here ... I love seagulls.

 I regret not putting sunscreen on. We were only outside for two hours ... but the tops of my feet and my toes are burned and are now very uncomfortable. I hope Emma is not burned.

 We only had ONE thing mar our time out here today. Emma wears glasses ... not full time, but she does need them to see distance. She wore them most of the time while we were walking on the beach, but sometimes when she is taking a picture with her phone/camera, she takes them off and tucks them in the neck of her dress ...
 Emma spontaneously took off after these seagulls so that they would fly ...
 What we never noticed until about 30 minutes later and quite a distance away was that Emma no longer had her glasses. She had chased the gulls, we had continued walking, and then we cut across the beach to the opposite side where there is sidewalk to walk back towards where we had parked. We were going to kind of walk the little pier to my more favored lighthouse and when we were almost there, I turned to Emma and asked her where her glasses were. We stopped walking, she looked down at the place where she had hooked them onto the neck of her dress ... and then we decided to "trace our steps." Do you see her glasses in the picture above? I took the picture of Emma never realizing her glasses had fallen!
 We walked back quite a distance, but since we weren't sure exactly WHERE we were when the glasses fell, we never did find them! When I was going through my pictures tonight ... I saw them as clear as clear could be. Rats.

Emma says the prescription for those glasses were not correct anyway ... I hope she can get a replacement soon. Other than that, we had a perfectly beautiful time.

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