Sunday, May 17, 2020

May 17

Sunday:   Emma spent the night last night! YAY! We had such a nice time. We watched one of Emma's favorite Youtube artists, a few segments--very happy and positive lady who does very creative art and is very fun to watch. We chatted a bunch and watched an older episode of NCIS before going to bed.

This morning, we worshiped via LiveStream @ Calvary. Another wonderful and encouraging message--this morning of the love and unfailing kindness of God, extending salvation to all people, washing us clean from sin and death. Pastor used many really good illustrations to point out the "invisible" nature of sin and likened it to the COVID virus, spreading like wildfire, and needing cleansing to protect against it. We even did a science experiment with a bowl of water, pepper and dish soap--very fun!

Emma and I finished up our study of King Hezekiah, a really good king for at least the first half of his reign--but you are never too old to really mess up your life!! Emma was so alert and helpful during the story, offering insights into lots of different things going on in this story. I love interacting with her like this.
 After we ate our lunch, we watched another one of the Youtube episodes and then we decided to do a little bit of wood painting ourselves! It was super relaxing to sit at the table with our paints and brushes and just decorate these little wood samples.
 Emma does beautiful paintings--she is very artistic and I think it brings her a lot of happiness.
 We finally had to banish Matey to my room with the door FIRMLY closed so that he would not fly into our paint!

We played some Mexican trains too! It was amazingly refreshing to just hang out with Emma today. I feel renewed and loved and like God blessed our entire day together. Thank you, Lord.

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