Sunday, May 31, 2020

May 30 Emma

Saturday evening:  When I was thinking about what Emma and I could do this evening, it crossed my mind that it might be a good thing to take her over to Calvary's parking lot to practice her driving. Because of COVID I knew it would be empty, and it's such a large parking lot with lots of lines, etc. -- it would be a nice quiet, safe place to drive around. So we did that for awhile. Emma did very well.
Since we were the only ones (apparently) at Calvary at the time, we decided to take a peak into the outside prayer garden to see how it looked all finished up. Emma found the gate (above) and figured out how to open it (duh), and then we walked inside and looked around.
 It's a nice quiet space where people can go and reflect and pray.

 Isn't it pretty?

 We walked around the pathways ...
 Emma posed for a few pictures ...

 And then we drove over to my house. I did the driving out on the public road because Emma is still a minor and I don't have permission to have her drive.
When we got to my house, I showed Emma a "kit" I had found in my closet that week. It was something I had purchased quite a few years ago when the tiny rubber band crafts were all the rage. I bought it for Emma and she did make quite a few bracelets back then, but then she lost interest and I put it away.
 Emma is very mechanical and loves working with her hands. For the life of me, I could not figure out how these looms worked; but Emma wasn't at all confused by the instructions. She made several really pretty bracelets, plus she made TWO turtles and a whale as well.
 We watched "A League of Their Own" while she was creating rubberband crafts. I hadn't seen the movie in a very long time and it was very fun to watch it with Emma.
We said good-night at midnight and I promptly fell asleep!

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